To make buying a property in Hyde Park as easy as possible, Rabobank has an advice centre in Hyde Park House. If you are not familiar with mortgages, you can discuss this directly with an expert in the field of housing finance. Because Rabobank is present directly on site, it is easier for us to give visitors an immediate insight into their financial options.
Did you know that when you buy a property in Hyde Park you may be eligible for a sustainability discount? Call or text to make an appointment with one of our Rabobank advisors: Marloes van Oijen at +31 6 10 14 29 75 or Petra Renting at +31 6 11 06 16 76.

You can also get an initial calculation yourself on the Rabobank website. If this is your first home purchase and the v.o.n. (costs payable by vendor) price of the property is €310,000 or less, you may qualify for a starter loan from the municipality of Haarlemmermeer. This is an extra loan on top of the mortgage. The conditions and more information can be found on the municipality’s website.