Premium partners

Matching the design and style of Hyde Park, we have selected a number of premium partners for you. They include interior consultants and designers, as well as a number of renowned brands in the field of plumbing, kitchen furnishings and furniture. Everything to ensure a great living experience and to turn your new house into a stylish home. Hyde Park House showcases the products of these selected partners and in some cases, they also provide their own expert advisors. The furnishing of your house through these premium partners can, in many cases, be included into the financing of your Hyde Park home.

Design your dream apartment together with a leading interior designer.



Each resident creates their own, completely unique atmosphere in their home. The kitchen also reflects this individual identity. That's why Bribus has developed Studio B, an extensive range of premium kitchens, where everyone can find the style that appeals to them. Studio B offers everyone the opportunity to have their dream kitchen, where everything feels effortless. This makes living in Hyde Park even more attractive. Studio B has a handy overview of kitchen styles specially prepared for you.



Bulthaup's team in Hyde Park is there to help people create a living space that suits their personal needs. By combining technical skills with aesthetics, they create kitchens and living spaces that offer long-term functionality and design. Bulthaup has been developing products for people for 70 years. Their kitchens are places where people come together to connect, relax and feel at home. Bulthaup creates their products with a passion for detail and a penchant for authentic materials, to create kitchen and living space systems that enrich life now and tomorrow.



Many dream of a beautiful spacious bathroom, which meets all the requirements of comfort and convenience. The timeless feeling that you are stepping into a bathroom in a luxury design hotel every day. A bright, relaxing space that brings colour to any time of the day. The bathroom is increasingly seen as a place for relaxation and a living space and plays a big part in our living pleasure. Duravit's focus for the high-quality apartments in Hyde Park is directed towards the individual requirements of the residents. The team will be happy to work with you at the inspiring Hyde Park House to design and deliver your personal dream bathroom.

High-end seating


The Italian family business EDRA stands for Italian design, straight from the cultural heart of Tuscany. Attention is paid to every detail during the design process of the high-end seating furniture for your home. The brand's urban collection is often timeless and has its origins in the designs of renowned architects and designers such as Zaha Hadid, Maarten van Severen, the Campana Brothers and Francesco Binfaré. According to the creators, EDRA's innovative designs and the signature of Hyde Park fit together seamlessly. Together they form the symbiosis between the class of international architecture and the unique living experience, which is pursued for every resident. In the exclusive "Spazio EDRA" at Hyde Park House, you will be permanently treated to the inspiring living experience and the allure of EDRA. Professional interior architects are happy to assist you to develop your wishes into a beautiful interior of your new home in Hyde Park.


Brand Van Egmond

In the Brand van Egmond studio, each lighting sculpture is hand-crafted by experienced craftsmen. Passion for traditional craftsmanship and the urge for innovation are clearly recognisable in the finish. The result is a very diverse collection of lighting sculptures, which enchant, surprise and seduce you. From a classic romantic interior to a modern industrial décor, a Brand van Egmond lighting sculpture adds an extra dimension to every home. In addition to the regular collection, the studio also offers the opportunity to design custom lighting, which satisfies your wishes down to the smallest details. The existing collection can be delivered in various finishes, sizes and proportions, but the studio likes to use their expertise and craftsmanship to design a unique haute-couture object.

Ceramic wall and floor tiles


Porcelanosa is market leader in the production of ceramic wall and floor tiles. Today they supply a wide range of top-quality materials such as slate, marble, natural wood or mosaic, large ceramic plates, ceramic wall and floor tiles, an extensive range of dimensions and finishes, ceramic parquet and state-of-the-art building solutions for modern architecture. Porcelanosa constantly updates its catalogue with innovative designs. For Hyde Park, Porcelanosa created several packages for bathrooms and toilets. Choose from different colours and sizes in the basic designs. Alternatively, you can choose to design your bathroom or toilet in the styles "BALR.” - "Industrial" - "Minimal" or "Eric Kuster".

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