Kensington block
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Kensington block consists of 233 luxury apartments from €319,500 to €1,249,500 with no additional costs payable by the purchaser. Kensington is characterised by apartments of different sizes, with beautiful outdoor spaces. The block has been designed by Barcode Architects and the beautiful courtyard garden is by the leading landscape architect Piet Oudolf. Those are some of the special features of the Kensington block.

What’s in the name

All apartment blocks in Hyde Park are named after legendary London boroughs. Kensington is without a doubt one of the fanciest boroughs in this metropolis. Stately buildings and luxury British cars such as Bentley, Jaguar and Land Rover dominate the street scene. The borough has two parks: Kensington Garden — one of no fewer than eight royal parks in the city — and Holland Park. In that park you will find peacocks roaming around, there is an orangery (winter garden) where some of the plants hibernate, as well as tennis courts and a cricket field. In other words, it doesn't get much more British.


Architecture with differences in both height and form results in a new urban way of life. For example, a wide range of living spaces has been created, including homes for living and working, maisonettes, studios, two- and three-bedroom apartments and spacious penthouses with large terraces. As a result, Kensington appeals to a diverse public and a pleasant mix of young and old. Couples, young families, empty nesters and expats; Kensington literally offers something for everyone. All houses have spacious balconies or roof terraces with a high quality finish. At ground level there are parking facilities, storage facilities and facilities for parking bicycles. Residents also have access to the beautiful courtyard. Designed by landscape architect Piet Oudolf, internationally recognised as a grandmaster in the field of gardens and landscaping. Finally, Kensington enjoys a unique location within Hyde Park. It is immediately adjacent to the urban park and offers views over the water, with the city centre, shopping centre and tennis club all within walking distance.

The architects behind Kensington

A rich diversity of staggered façades that together form a fascinating architectonic icon. The vision for that beautiful contrast in Kensington was drafted on the drawing boards at the Scheepmakershaven in Rotterdam, workspace of the more than 70 creative minds of Barcode Architects.

Dirk Peters and Caro van der Venne founded the firm in 2010. In everything they design, they are constantly looking for a special angle. "What we like about architecture and what we look for in all our designs is a kind of twist, which provokes the right response from people who know the design, but also from people who see the building for the first time." Barcode's vision is to design buildings that bring the surrounding city to life and leave a clear mark on the area. Designs that draw you in when you look at them and that you can identify with as a city dweller or resident. Over a period of ten years, Barcode has evolved into a firm with an international portfolio, known for its unique designs for residential and cultural buildings. Recent highlights include the urban icons The Muse and CasaNova Rotterdam, the striking design for Sluishuis Amsterdam and the library in Caen, France.

Grandmaster in the field of gardens and landscapes

The Dutch landscape architect Piet Oudolf (1944) enjoys international fame. In England – where people are known to be completely 'garden-crazy' – he cannot cross the street unnoticed. In the Netherlands, although he is not as well known to the general public, his status remains elevated among connoisseurs. Every reason for Hyde Park to ask this 'grandmaster' to design and shape the courtyards in the new urban district.


The choice for Piet Oudolf is also a logical one, as he is the undisputed authority in this field. After having studied landscape architecture, he started a landscaping company as well as his own nursery. In the Dutch town of Hummelo he grows and manages one of the Netherlands’ largest collections of plants, shrubs and crops that thrive in a mild and humid climate.

He is equally famous as a designer of gardens and landscapes. His work includes the magnificent 'Gardens of Remembrance' in New York, which were created in memory of the victims of 9/11. In the Netherlands we find his work in the landscape of the Singer Museum in Laren and in that of Museum Voorlinden in Wassenaar.

For his Hyde Park designs Oudolf took inspiration from the surrounding flora and the views of the seasons in the Haarlemmermeer. This creates a special bond throughout Hyde Park between the inner-city density of the buildings and life in nature.