Frequently asked questions

A total of around 3,800 apartments are being built in Hyde Park.

Hyde Park will also offer rental properties. It is not yet known which building the rental housing will be in and there is no clear planning as of yet. Subscribe to the newsletter and we will keep you informed automatically.

There will be a range of shops, restaurants and sporting facilities in the Hyde Park area.
There will also be care-related businesses such as a dentist, general practitioner etc.

The Hyde Park area will also have starter homes. The number of dwellings varies per block. The starter homes in Kensington Block have now been sold.

Sales in Kensington Block have already started. Click on Properties in the navigation bar to go directly to the property offerings. Questions? Contact us!

Click on Properties in the navigation bar to view the properties. Found your dream home or just can’t choose your favourite? Please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you.

Call us on 0207474747. If calling is not convenient, you can also message us via WhatsApp or send an email. Check under Contact for the correct contact details.

Click on Properties in the navigation bar and look for your apartment in the housing categories (Tip: If you click on the middle block, you will see everything). At the bottom of the page you will see a list of all apartments and the status column will show whether your dream apartment is still available. This list is updated very regularly. Please contact us directly if you want the truly latest news!

The apartments currently available all have an outdoor space.

In Hyde Park House we have built 4 model homes. These are actually lifelike and true to size,
giving you a good indication of the space and the level of finishing.
Would you like to see the model homes? Then make an appointment!

Parking spaces are available in the garage underneath the building. Not every apartment has a parking space. The public road in front of Kensington is car-free and there are a very limited number of parking spaces available here, no parking permits are granted by the municipality.
A public car park is being built in Hyde Park, where residents, their visitors and shoppers can park for a fee. If you buy an apartment without a parking space, you can purchase a subscription for a parking space here.

Each apartment has its own individual storage room in the basement.
There are also general bicycle storage areas, where 2 spaces are reserved for each apartment.

Each apartment has a kitchen from Bribus Studio B Mix & Match. There are 3 different configurations, tailored to the floor space of the apartments. You can choose the colours of the cabinets and the worktop. The built-in appliances are from Bosch. Hyde Park House has an extensive showroom where you can view different setups and colours.

Each apartment has a bathroom. The facilities are from Duravit, and the floor and wall tiles are from Porcelanosa. There is a walk-in shower with fixed and hand showerheads, bathroom furniture, a mirror and a built-in toilet. The arrangement depends on the layout of the apartment.

The apartments are heated by underfloor heating. The system is connected to a thermal energy storage system (WKO).

You can choose to receive the apartment without a kitchen.
It is not possible to get an apartment without a bathroom fitted.

Kensington Block is being built by the contractor De Vries en Verburg.

A newly built house is a house without worries.
Everything is new, everything works. Almost everything there is under warranty and you have practically no maintenance costs in the initial years.

The Home Owner’s Association regulates the management and maintenance of the building. All apartment owners in the building are members of the Home Owner’s Association. It also has a board that carries out the tasks.

Every month you pay a service charge to the Home Owner’s Association for your apartment and separate service charges for any parking space(s). The service charges pay for things like insurance and maintenance.

The construction of Kensington starts in early December.

During the period when an option is running, the apartment is reserved exclusively for you.
You will then have time to ask questions and get information about the feasibility of obtaining finance. If you decide not to proceed with the purchase, the apartment will become available to others.

An option is without obligation and gives you time to sort everything out.