Premium partners

In keeping with the design and style of Hyde Park, we have selected a number of premium partners for you. They include interior consultants and designers, as well as a number of renowned brands in the field of bathroom facilities, kitchen furnishings and appliances, and furniture. Everything is there to ensure a great living experience and to turn your new house into a stylish home. The selected partners are represented in Hyde Park House with their products and sometimes also with their own expert consultants. The furnishing from these premium partners can often be included in the financing of your Hyde Park home.

Work with a leading interior designer to create your dream apartment!



Each resident creates their own, completely unique atmosphere in their home. The kitchen also reflects this individual identity. That's why Bribus has developed Studio B, an extensive range of premium kitchens, where everyone can find the style that appeals to them. Studio B offers everyone the opportunity to have their dream kitchen, where everything feels convenient and effortless. All this adds to Hyde Park’s attractiveness. Studio B has compiled a handy overview of kitchen styles specially for you.



Bulthaup's team in Hyde Park is there to help people create a living space that suits their personal needs. They combine technical skills with aesthetics to create kitchens and living spaces that offer long-term functionality and beautiful design. Bulthaup has been developing products for people for 70 years. Their kitchens are places where people come together to connect, relax and feel at home. Bulthaup creates their products with a passion for detail and a penchant for authentic materials, to create kitchen and living space systems that enrich life now and in the future.



Many people dream of a nice spacious bathroom that meets all their comfort and convenience requirements. The timeless feeling of stepping into a bathroom in a luxury design hotel every day. A light, relaxing space that brings colour to any time of the day. The bathroom is increasingly seen as a relaxation and living space and plays a big part in our living enjoyment. For the high-quality apartments in Hyde Park, Duravit’s focus is on the individual requirements of the residents. The team is happy to work with you to design and realise your personal dream bathroom in the inspiring Hyde Park House.

Light Sculptures

Brand Van Egmond

In the Brand van Egmond studio, every light sculpture is handmade by experienced craftsmen. A passion for traditional craftsmanship and the drive for innovation are clearly apparent in the finish. This results in a really diverse collection of light sculptures that enchant, surprise and seduce. From a classic romantic interior to a modern industrial design, a Brand van Egmond light sculpture adds an extra dimension to every home. In addition to the regular collection, the studio offers the opportunity to have custom-made lighting designed that fulfils your wishes down to the smallest details. The existing collection can be made in various finishes, sizes and proportions, but the studio is also happy to put their expertise and workmanship to use in designing a unique haute-couture object.

Ceramic wall and floor tiles


Porcelanosa is a market leader in the production of ceramic wall and floor tiles. Today they supply a wide range of top-quality materials such as slate, marble, natural wood or mosaic, large ceramic plates, ceramic wall and floor tiles, an extensive range of dimensions and finishes, ceramic parquet and state-of-the-art building solutions for modern architecture. Porcelanosa constantly updates its catalogue with innovative designs and created various bathroom and toilet packages for Hyde Park. Choose from different colours and sizes in the basic designs. Alternatively, you can choose to design your bathroom or toilet in the "BALR.”, "Industrial", "Minimal" or "Eric Kuster" styles.



BALR. is a prestigious fashion brand that stands for a luxurious lifestyle for ambitious young people. For those who set the bar high and only settle for the very best.
Hyde Park and fashion brand BALR. have entered into an exclusive partnership. Buyers of an apartment can purchase a BALR. interior package. From furniture to upholstery, from decoration to the dressing gown, BALR.'s hand is visible everywhere. The curtains, the television and the heating can now be operated with a simple swipe on the tablet.

Interior Consultants

The expert interior consultants and professional installers turn decorating your new home into a real party.
The consultants will help you choose flooring, wall finishes, window decoration and walk-in closets in your new home. Naturally, the basis of all this is your personal taste. The consultants are fully up-to-date with the latest interior trends and help you make choices that best suit your personal style. Skilled craftsmen ensure a flawless assembly in your home, so that everything is already properly installed when you receive the key.

Come and visit Hyde Park House, where our showrooms provide you plenty of living inspiration to design your dream apartment.

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