In keeping with the design and style of Hyde Park, we have selected a number of premium partners for you. These include interior consultants and designers, and a number of renowned brands in the field of bathroom facilities, kitchen furnishings and appliances, and furniture. Everything is there to ensure a great living experience and to turn your new house into a stylish home. The selected partners are represented in Hyde Park House with their products and sometimes also with their own expert consultants. The furnishing from these premium partners can often be included in the financing of your Hyde Park home.

After a delicious cup of coffee or other refreshment has been arranged for you, the sales consultant will take you through the showroom. You can take a seat in our cinema, have a look at the beautiful models and see the various kitchen and bathroom options. As icing on the cake, don’t forget about the beautiful model houses that give you a good idea of the space and the level of finishing. The sales consultant will inform you in detail about the options and explain the project, the building and the properties.