Eric Kuster adds own touch to property

International design in Hyde Park

Eric Kuster adds own touch to property

Alicia Keys had her interior designed by him, he left his mark on the interior of Barcelona’s Camp Nou and exclusive clubs like Jimmy Woo and Michelin star restaurant De Librije have an interior created by his hand. Eric Kuster is internationally respected for his interior design and since Friday 4 September this is also visible in Hyde Park. On that day, Kuster opened the model house he designed. Buyers of Hyde Park can make the choice to give a special personal touch to their design home.

Hyde Park has already attracted a host of internationally renowned architects for the 3,800 homes that are to be built in the largest new-build location in the Benelux. For example, the district’s urban design was created by Winy Maas of MVRDV. The buildings themselves will be designed by firms such as Barcode, StudioNineDots and MVSA that have made a name for themselves both in the Netherlands and abroad with their designs. With the choice of Eric Kuster and BALR., Hyde Park shows that, in addition to the exterior, complete attention will also be paid to the furnishings of the houses.

Self-evident comfort

Eric Kuster launched his own brand more than 20 years ago. Since then he has designed exclusive yachts, beach villas in the Caribbean, but also the interior of Ronald Koeman’s house, among others. Showrooms with his designs can be found in the United States, China, Canada and various places in Europe. Kuster’s concept is ‘Metropolitan Luxury’: luxury with an international and metropolitan look. As he himself says, ‘I like to stay in fancy hotels with all the metropolitan luxury that goes with it. You should get that feeling when you move into your apartment in Hyde Park. Everything has to be optimally arranged and the comfort must be self-evident.’ Buyers of a property in Hyde Park will have the opportunity to make an appointment for an interior design by Eric Kuster at the time of purchase.

Understated luxury

For the management of Hyde Park, the choice of Eric Kuster makes sense: ‘Eric stands for a certain standard. Luxury of a very high level, which at the same time is not ostentatious, but has a certain modesty. This allows you to give your home a unique touch, which fits with the wide variety of homes we deliver in Hyde Park.’

On sale from September

Hyde Park is situated in an ideal central location with Schiphol airport just 4 minutes away and the Zuidas business district 12 minutes away. Top architects are creating an ultra-modern urban area of unprecedented allure. In a few years’ time, this will be the place where approximately 3,800 homes – together with a wide range of amenities – will form a lively urban district. The district responds to the great need for housing in the Haarlemmermeer. At the moment, there are already nearly 10,000 interested parties for the newest district in the Amsterdam metropolitan area. The first homes will go on sale from September.