‘Hoofddorp office district to be a residential suburb’ – De Telegraaf

HOOFDDORP (ANP) – Beukenhorst West office park in Hoofddorp is being rezoned. Developer Snippe Projects and IC Netherlands are building a new residential suburb in an area that currently contains fifteen office buildings. The new residential suburb will have 3000 to 4000 houses.

The project will kick-off on the Tuesday following the Provada real estate exhibition. According to developers, it is one of the largest private initiative redevelopments in the Randstad. The project, called Hyde Park, will be a mix of owner-occupied and rental houses.

In the recent past, 100,000 square metres of office space was purchased. According to developers, it mainly involves outdated and non-sustainable office buildings in a somewhat ‘desolated’ Beukenhorst West. These will be demolished.

Snippe had previously been involved as a developer in a similar project in Diemen. This year will see the first office buildings in Hoofddorp being demolished. Selling will also commence this year. Hyde Park must welcome its first inhabitants by the end of 2019.

Source: De Telegraaf.