North-South line coming to Schiphol and Hoofddorp

SCHIPHOL (ANP) Schiphol wants to extend the public transport network as soon as possible. According to the president of the board of directors Dick Benschop, a plan is in the making by Dutch Railways (NS), ProRail and the Amsterdam Regional Transport Authority. At the airport’s New Year reception he said, for example, that it is no longer a question of whether the North-South line should be extended from Amsterdam to Schiphol and Hoofddorp, but when.

At the end of last year, the parties involved reached agreement about wanting to extend the metro line which opened last year, Benschop said. According to the chief executive the most difficult part of the mega project has already been constructed and it should be possible to extend the track. Moreover, steps must be taken for international train connections and for expanding the airport’s railway station.

According to Benschop, a first strategy has been proposed to politicians in The Hague, and discussions will be held in the coming time about further details, such as costs. “We don’t only want to seek aid, but we also want to contribute something. A kind of offer you can’t refuse.”

Although Schiphol welcomed a record number of 71 million passengers last year, more complaints than ever before were received about noise nuisance. The residents desk for Schiphol (BAS) received 11,500 notifications in 2018, which is three times more than the year before.

At this moment, discussions are being held between managers and inhabitants about the airport’s future growth, but according to Benschop, a lot more is needed to get the confidence back. “We will take measures in the interests of inhabitants,” he said. “In doing so, I would like to break down barriers and build bridges. For example, between experiencing and the calculation of noise, and between measuring and calculating. We will actively restrict nuisances and invest in liveability, in cooperation with our neighbouring municipalities.”