Notting Hill block
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Notting Hill Block consists of 310 luxury apartments starting at €309,500, with costs payable by vendor (V.O.N). Block Kensington is characterized by different sizes and beautiful outdoor spaces. The block was designed by MVSA Architects and the beautiful inner garden is by the prominent landscape architect Wim Voogt from OKRA. These are some of the special features of Block Kensington.

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What’s in a name

Every block of apartments in Hyde Park bears the name of a famous London neighbourhood: Chelsea, Kensington and Knightsbridge are all names that stir the imagination. That is especially true of Notting Hill, which thanks its fame in part to the prize-winning romantic film comedy Notting Hill starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. Londoners have a different perspective. They are more interested in the lovely pastel tints and elegant Victorian residences that give the neighbourhood its characteristic flavour and less in the fact that a great many world stars, including Madonna, own a house there. The English are mad about gardening, so it’s no surprise that they are more interested in the beautiful blossoms that provide such a show here in spring and summer. And that is also something that served as a source of inspiration for the Notting Hill apartment complex in the Amsterdam metropolis. The courtyard garden here, designed by OKRA Landscape Gardeners, will transform into a paradise for blossom lovers once it starts blossoming in springtime.

Notting Hill

Architecture with both height and shape differences here results in a new urban way of life. This has resulted in a wide range of living spaces, including living-working houses, maisonettes, studios, two and three-room apartments and spacious penthouses with large terraces. Kensington thus appeals to a diverse audience and a pleasant mix of "young and old". Cohabitants, young families, empty nesters and expats; Kensington offers something for everyone. All houses have spacious balconies or roof terraces with a high level of finish. Downstairs there are, among other things, parking facilities, and facilities for storing bicycles. Residents also have access to the beautiful courtyard. Designed by landscape architect Wim Voogt, from OKRA.

The architects of Notting Hill

‘Designing buildings that tenants love’ is the motto of the MVSA architectural firm, which designed the six different buildings, with a total of 310 residences, that compose Notting Hill. MVSA (Meyer and Van Schooten Architects) started small in the 1980s but has grown to become a large firm with over 60 architects, and designers and branches in the Netherlands and Switzerland. Their best-known project is undoubtedly the Central Train Station of Rotterdam, but they also work on smaller projects with the same kind of dedication. ‘What makes Notting Hill interesting is that it is not part of a large-scale urban development plan with large generic units but rather a project on a human scale, which means that you can easily recognise your own house.’ Stepped terraces are a striking design element of Notting Hill, motivated by a desire to make optimum use of what is referred to as ‘sun cuts’ in architectural lingo. The end result is that each individual unit captures the maximum amount of sunlight, and the fantastic inner courtyard, measuring no less than 1450 m², always has ample daylight.

An inner courtyard inspired by a stunningly beautiful cliff in England

The inner courtyard was designed by OKRA Landscape Architects in Utrecht, a firm with 40 employees that has earned a well-deserved enviable reputation. It has provided successful designs for a wide variety of projects, ranging from the redevelopment of the inner core of the smallest Hanseatic city in the Netherlands, Hattem, to shaping the public space of a 15 ha large residential neighbourhood in the Green Belt of Paris. OKRA’s philosophy is that a design is successful only if it provides long-term added value to the public, and this also served as their guideline in designing this inner courtyard. The design itself was inspired by the landscape surrounding the Golden Cap in the Southwest of England. The Golden Cap is a stunningly beautiful cliff, 191 m high, offering views of the English Channel on one side and views of the characteristic, colourful English landscape on the other. This landscape served as a rich source of inspiration for the firm’s landscape architects and designers in designing and laying out this lovely garden.